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Off road two wheel scooter

2000W Chopper 45km/h CITYCOCO EEC COC E Scooter

citycoco moblity European warehouse 2000w EEC COC


Leadway self balancing scooter two wheel (W5L)

  • Leadway self balancing scooter two wheel (W5+)
  • Newest li-lion battery with remote control+ night vision light+ warning light
  • 1.waterproof function
  • 2.Mileage display and Power display
  • 3.72V8.8AH Li-ion battery pack
  • 4.Charge time:Approx 5H
  • 5.Climbing:30degree
  • 6.Max Load:150kg
  • 7.Motor:2400W
  • 8.Maximum mileage:30km
  • 9.Battery:8hours
  • Package Size: 92cm x 52cm x 63cm /carton
  • GW:57kg, NW:47kg
  • 100pcs 20ft, 216pcs–40ft
  • red,green ,yellow,blue,white ,gold,extra add 50usd
  • Police box –extra:80usd
  • Golf bracket—161usd(size”36*92*10cm, gw:6kg)
  • Tool included:Helmet ,Wrist-, car bag, tools

Leadway 36V li-lion battery shenzhen adults off road electric scooter bike (W6L)

  • 1.front and back warning LED light
  • 2..with waterproof charger port  and body
  • 3.with dismounting battery.
  • 3.36V 15AH samsung/LG  Li-ion battery
  • 4.Charge time:Approx3H
  • 5.Climbing:20-30degree
  • 6.Max Load:150kg
  • 7.Motor:super 2000W
  • 8.Maximum mileage:25km
  • 9.Battery:8hours
  • 10. tire: 19inch