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Spare Parts


  • Helmet


  • Tires
  • 1, comprises an aluminum alloy plating,
  • 2, high strength, connecting the motor
  • 3, the drive transmission
  • 4, shock


  • Motor

Front of the pack

  • Front of the pack


  • Motherboard

Metal box (W5. W6)

  • Metal box (W5. W6)

3 wheel Go-Karrt scooter bracket Suitable(L14)

  • 3 wheel Go-Karrt scooter bracket(L14)
  • Color: Red,Black,Silver.Blue
  • Suitable for:10inch、8inch、6.5inch tire scooter
  • Move : push double rod
  • Back : push double rod back
  • Left turn : push the left rod
  • Right turn : puch the right rod
  • HoverKart helps you to transform your hoverboard into a seated, three-wheeled vehicle whhich is stable,
  • maneuverable much more fun! We can’t wait to share this unique riding experience with everyone!
  • Could use for different sizes of hover scooter,the attached belt is adjustable for any age riders