In order to expand the market scale and open up the sales

2012-08-12 16:28:00


In order to expand the market scale and open up the sales, the company has developed its business to Europe and successfully entered into the European market with signing the agency agreement, so a certain market scale has been established. In order to improve the company’s development advantages, we have successfully signed cooperation agreements with Australian customers which can have complementary advantages each other. Then, the company’s weakness in the process of development will be perfected and its business scope will be expanded with the improvement of publicity. 


Meanwhile, City Segway and Off road Segway), the latest developed product, can be used in airport station, large exhibition halls, entertainment places, large parks for rent and so on. Also, It can save the investment of manpower and improve work efficiency. Also, Segway quickly opened the market and offered a new direction for managing company’s products.

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